As a tutor I have one overarching goal that goes beyond playing the flute. I want my students to be musicians, not just flutists. Often my teaching goes beyond the specific elements and techniques of flute playing. As my student you will gain a wider knowledge of music as we discuss musical composition, theory, history, listening, style and general musicianship.

In addition, I have two aims in a lesson. The first is that my students walk away from every lesson with new and tangible knowledge. The second aim is that we have fun learning and making music together, because music is most enjoyable when made with other musicians. Following is a little more detail as to what you get for the $15 (half-hour) or $25 (full-hour) fee.

Anatomy of a lesson

A beginner lesson will be fairly basic at the start. We will focus on tone production (making a sound), caring for and safe handling of the instrument, assembling and holding the flute, fingering notes, and reading basic music notation. After the student has progressed through the beginning steps, most lessons for all students (beginning, elementary, intermediate, and advanced) will progress through the same basic elements in appropriate measure for the student’s level. They are: 1) warm-up exercises [i.e. scales]; 2) technical studies [concentration on specific skills]; 3) musicianship [solos and duets].